If you were one of the 900 Families that Adopt a Family provided Christmas Presents for your Children, we were glad to help! The Thank You Notes we received were heartfelt, and appreciated. The people in your Community enjoy hearing how happy your children were on Christmas morning.

Woonsocket Adopt-A Family is a privately funded and 100% volunteer-based program that offers Christmas gifts to WOONSOCKET Families meeting financial and residential guidelines. These guidelines include legal residency of the City of Woonsocket, for Families with children, aged 0-12 years.

                         ****** We  are finished with the application process for 2019. ******
                                  Contact CCA for family assistance programs, still available.

How To Apply

                                 245 Main Street OR 181 Cumberland Street 
                                            for an Adopt A Family application.
Required Application Documents
  1. Proof of Household Income - Foster Care payment, Adoption subsidies, Food Stamps for all members of the family.
  2. Picture ID
  3. Social Security Cards for ALL Household Members
  4. Proof of Birth for ALL Household Members
  5. Apartment Lease, or Rent Receipt
  6. Current Utility bill (If you pay your own utilities)
  7. Documentation of Crisis (IF this applies, Doctor's letter, Restraining Order etc...)
  8. Documentation of Enrollment in Job Training, ESL classes or GED classes
  9. Military Status, for any household Members, if applicable
Please have ALL required documents with you.  Your application will not be accepted if it's not complete.

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